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Before You Go... Steal Some Mistletoe

​​​​​​​Good morning world...

Hello, It's Amy!

Happy Friday-
My small accountability group QOD
What's your big why?
The Bible says to make it plain so that people who read it runneth...
My goal is to travel this world, making a difference...
So I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to take inventory of things that make me feel good -that make me happy. Anytime I have a smile on my face, I stop and try to take a mental note. I am doing my very best to be 100% aware of why I’m smiling -why I am happy-why am I laughing? Those are the reasons why I can get excited about living! I think for me, it just knows that I live this life to the fullest. So how do I use this vehicle called real estate to live out my purpose? I think it’s creative! Being an innovator in this business- doing something cool for my clients for my team and the people around me. Service! Making a difference!
I get out of bed with enthusiasm for LIFE- seeking adventure -Love- & making a difference in this world-
Sorry!! I’ve been up for a while listening to my music. I might be a little too inspired this morning.

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REALTOR® and Principal Agent of The Amy Chance Real Estate Team brokered by Compass Real Estate. Earning impressive accolades for her breadth of knowledge, ethical practices, and expertise in negotiating, Amy is positioned as one of the most well-respected and sought after agents in the Texas market.

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