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Buy The World A Home And Teach It To Sing

I believe more consumers are looking for personalized automation experiences at home like playing a favorite playlist on-demand but this is old news. The technology that is making news today is that of the smart kitchen. My mornings begin in my kitchen with coffee and music. I believe the kitchen is the heart of any home. I also believe there are fully automated homes that are being overlooked due to a lack of information provided to many consumers causing many buyers to miss out on some wonderfully integrated kitchens. The popularity of recipe apps like YUM works with mobile technology in the kitchen simplifying life and creating warm fuzzy kitchen experiences in the heart of the home. The adoption of apps for tracking and managing food inventory like meal board is just the beginning of technology in the kitchen.

Listing Agents are challenged due to a lack of expertise and general knowledge about hi-tech capabilities. There is indeed a certain percentage of real estate professionals who are well informed and highly educated regarding technology. More often than not, I argue that real estate agents are not given a crash course in high tech specific to the homes they are marketing and selling. I've read many online listing details where homes boast of advanced installation of superior technology.  I read terms like hi-tech, smart home, and state of the art technology on the first page of the detail sheet; however, when I dive deeper into the listing details, I can not find any facts regarding the claim the home has all the "bells and whistles" promoted in the listing. I believe the statements may be accurate, but the real estate professionals are having a tough time delivering the message due to a lack of understanding or education. 

​​​​​​​Sellers can help offset this disconnect by providing Video tutorials to inform buyer agents and buyers alike on using technology in a hi-tech home. A video tutorial is a simple solution that can be very helpful.

Music to cook with!

Cheers to a Happy Holiday 2020!

xoxo - Amy

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