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Steering Is Alive And Well In America; Especially SETX

There are so many down payment/closing cost assistance programs in the U.S.. Why are Buyers are being steered away from grant programs by lenders. I don't fully understand why lenders are not willing to share more about the wonderful grant programs out there... I have been told by a few lenders that they don't make any money off the grant programs.. I understand, we all must earn money to survive. I get it.. You, lender, must get paid for your services. I want to be paid for my time and service to my clients.

​​​​​​​However; we owe it to our buyers to share this information with them. No one wins when we don't promote every option and resource available to buyers. I would much rather participate in a grant program that gives me a slightly higher interest rate than ask my parents for money to buy a home. Cash is king and I want my parents to have cash in the bank in the event they have a real emergency. 

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REALTOR® and Principal Agent of The Amy Chance Real Estate Team brokered by Compass Real Estate. Earning impressive accolades for her breadth of knowledge, ethical practices, and expertise in negotiating, Amy is positioned as one of the most well-respected and sought after agents in the Texas market.

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